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The purple text links at the bottom of web pages are a directory of search engines and directories that link to this web site. Other web sites with reciprocal links pointing to are listed at the bottom of this link exchange page.

If you have a web site that has relevant content related to web design, flash programming, mobile pc techs & computer repair, seo, graphic image design, digital art & photography, horoscopes, astrologers & an astrology ephemeris, real estate, jewelry or ufos & flying saucers, simply place a link pointing to the appropriate web page. Place my link on your web page anywhere you'd like and customize the text as long as it is visible, or you may use an image from as a link to my site.
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* Google: "The best way to get other sites to create relevant links to yours is to create unique,
relevant content that can quickly gain popularity in the Internet community."
If your web site is accepted for a link exchange,
I will place one to three reciprocal links pointing to your web site on 
1] A purple text link at the bottom of this page pointing to the page on your web site where a link to my web site can be found.
2] A second optional _purple text link on this page pointing to your home page or content related page.
3] A third optional purple text link on one of the other web pages on this site, pointing to the page on your web site where a link to my web page can be found.
A decision to add optional links is based in part on your web site's content and popularity.

You do not need to email me as I actively look for new reciprocal link exchanges and update the purple links on this page and and the other pages on this site regularly.

Please be patient as I might not find your link to my web site in a search engine listing for several weeks (visit search engine optimization for more info). Webmasters, to easily see if your link has been added to this page, view the source code and search for your domain name.

I will remove your link if the content becomes inappropriate, if you don't maintain a reciprocal link or if your server is consistently unreliable. If your page is not accepted please be aware there are many factors in reaching this decision: relevant content, your server's uptime and my own time constraints. sponsored links & navigation navigation web development | discount web designer | flash programming | on site computer repair & mobile pc tech | prices | seo search engine optimization | custom graphics | horoscope software | astrologers ephemeris | ufo experiment | flying saucer toy glider | link exchange | contact | site map business web sites  digital art | sterling silver jewelry | palm springs desert area land & homes | baja beach properties
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